About Us

Company Profile:
The idea to start the Company of SP Developments Limited was conceived in 2003 by the Managing Director Scott Stevens; the company was then established a year later in 2004.

The aim of the company is to design and develop motor sport parts for sale around the world for where ever race and rally events are contested.

Managing Director Profile:
Scott worked at Peugeot motor company for 20 years working up through the ranks to finally achieve the position of Senior Product Engineer (Engineering department).

Since 1995 Scott was the team manager of the successful Peugeot Ryton Employee Rally team (RERT)

1995: The team started with N109URW a low spec A7 306.
1996: P199 MVC the blaze yellow A7 was designed in high specification.
1997: P306 SKV group N joined the team along with the other blaze yellow an awesome sight when seen together at rallies.
2000: The team produced a Peugeot 206 with a 306 maxi engine fitted.
2002: Saw the team running two near identical Peugeot 206 rally cars in the B.T.D.R.A. championship, both cars were designed and developed by Scott using his extensive knowledge as an engineer. Scott has weird and wonderful ideas that work, he can see things that others cannot therefore some of his ideas do not seem workable at first but once designed , developed and fitted to a car the results are amazing. Under the guidance of Scott RERT won the championship for two years running
2004: Robin Bolt and Frank McAllister won the Super 1600 A6 class.
2005: Steve Print and Tim Bridge won the A6 category.

R1ERT the car that was designed, developed and a class winner for RERT is now residing in Ireland and by all accounts is a class leader as well.

Aim of the company:
SP Developments will undertake most design work if it is feasibly possible not only for Peugeots but any other make of car; they will also provide practical help if needed.

Contact the company with any queries for upgrading your basic car.

SP Developments Limited are dedicated to supplying the customer with goods that they require as soon as is relatively possible.

Phone: +44 (0) 7951736539