SP Developments is proud to introduce:


SP Developments Ltd engine designed and built in the UK and retrofitted to your original Lambretta Scooter

Engine Specification

Unique 180cc engine producing 20bhp @ 8000rpm at the rear wheel

SP designed crankshaft and 5 speed gearbox

Crankcase reed valve induction

Crankshaft position sensor via pickup ring on flywheel

SP designed multi wet 6 plate clutch (reverse push)

Unique magneto, flywheel and regulator

Fuel injection direct in to crank case (SDI) via single injector

Unique 30mm SP throttle body

Throttle position sensor (TPS)

Coolant temperature sensor

Air temperature sensor with idle air control valve

Oil injection electronically controlled into inlet manifold via ECU

Starter motor - switched via dummy kick start lever

Unique wiring harness and ECU made for SP

ECU plug connection for calibration of mapping

Cooling via 2 SP radiators with integral fans housed in a unique air cooling package with SP silicon hoses

Unique exhaust system tuned for the engine

SP rear shock absorber with height and bump/rebound adjustment

Fuel tank with integral pump

Discounts available for the first 5 engines