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SP Developments: Recent Progress

SP Lambretta

Within the last year we have been developing the new ecu and continually updating the software for the running of the twin fuel/oil injection system. We are currently up to 450+ power runs on dyno and over 1000 road miles.

We are still running the 172cc 4 speed which is giving good level of performance and speed up to 8500rpm.

New inlet manifold has been cast for secondary injection over 5000 rpm and is fitted to 172cc.

New gearbox endplate casting in readiness of the SP 5 speed gearbox currently being machined in the UK.

Awaiting SP engine casings to come back from machining in the UK.

The engine will be now 190cc (old 172cc) as a base unit as the same as the Vespa LC (65 x 57) bore and stroke.

New crankshaft and flywheel have been designed and are being manufactured for testing at new level cc.


SP Vespa

Now proven out as a test engine 190cc LC with V force 4 reed and 30mm Delortto carb.

New Head and exhaust fitted with good power return.

New adjustible front forks and Hydraulic brakes fitted.


Coming soon

2 Lambretta S3 demonstrators are currently being built to allow customers to experience the ride.

Lambretta YZ250 YPVS LC (I built in early 90's) will have a new SP 5 speed engine casing and put back on the road.

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